Watercolor Workshop Exhibition

Spring 2022 This winter, amidst Covid, the cold, and the challenges of zoom, SAGE Griot Circle members enjoyed an eight week watercolor introduction class with T&W teaching artist Susan Newmark Fleminger. The program is one of a handful of creative aging programs offered by T&W.  Susan is a  mixed media artist exploring themes of memory, narrative, identity, Buddhist teachings, nature and home with sources from popular culture, found papers, vintage wallpaper, and photo imagery along with acrylic, watercolor, graphite and fabric remnants. Students learned the basics of color, the techniques of wet and dry brush, mixing paint and the use of washes in creating composition and depth. They worked from landscape images that were originally photographed, and they also used household objects such as plants to create still life works. Participants developed their skills each week, and many went above and beyond when it came to experimenting with texture.

With warmer days, we hope members feel inspired to take their watercolors to the park or the beach in order to continue to create works of art! 

Watch the celebration presentation on our YouTube channel!


Below are some of the artwork created by these very talented students!


Painting by Rosalyn Davis

Painting by Rosalyn Davis


Alice Gail Bier

Still Life made by student Alice Gail Bier


Roni Oawlson

Still life vase with flowers made by student Roni Oawlson

Sandy Hines

Lighthouse painting made by Sandy Hines


Donald Quigley

Landscape painting made by student Donald Quigley


Dorothy Carroll

Plant painting made by student Dorothy Carroll


Portraiture made by student Laurie Sapp