Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

In principle and in practice, Teachers & Writers Collaborative values diversity and seeks to be an inclusive organization. We are committed to identifying, naming, and removing barriers that prevent any individual or group of individuals from involvement in our work. We will promote diversity and inclusion by:

  • Adopting organizational policies to ensure that T&W does not discriminate on the basis of age, appearance, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

  • Recruiting individuals from underrepresented groups to the T&W Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Editorial Board, staff, and teaching artist roster.

  • Ensuring that all T&W activities and events are fully accessible.

  • Creating regular learning opportunities for Board, staff, teaching artists, and Editorial Board members to be culturally competent and equipped with knowledge and skills to support T&W’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • Providing regular mechanisms for individuals and groups within T&W to offer feedback and to suggest strategies to support the organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts.