The Story in History: Writing Your Way into the American Experience

By Margot Fortunato Galt 263 pp.

Grades: middle school, high school, university, all ages
$19.95 paperback

The Story in History gives teachers and students of all levels an entirely new way to learn about American history: by re-experiencing it from the vantage point of the imaginative writer. In more than 20 exercises using sources as various as early maps of the Americas, Walt Whitman’s accounts of the Civil War, Sioux oral histories, diaries of the women on the Oregon Trail, ads in 1940s, issues of Life, and poetry by Gwendolyn Brooks and Pablo Neruda, students combine research, imagination, and personal memory to explore both the “big events” and everyday life of earlier times. Visit Margot Fortunato Galt’s website at “This is a book that could make a difference.”—Kliatt “A ground-breaking book.”—St. Paul Pioneer Press

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ISBN 0-915924-39-0