From Medusa to the Sky: Teaching Writing to Children with Special Needs

Edited by Nicole Callihan and Catherine Barnett FROM-MEDUSA-TO-THE-SKY-front-cover-tiny1

eBook edition

The exercises in From Medusa to the Sky grew out of Teachers & Writers Collaborative’s long history of providing creative writing programs for students in New York City’s District 75 schools and classrooms, which serve students with special learning needs.

First published in 2001, From Medusa to the Sky has proved to be a favorite resource for teaching artists—writers working in K–12 schools—as well as classroom teachers. Although the exercises were developed by Teachers & Writers Collaborative teaching artists who taught special needs students, the ideas in this book have been used as a starting point for lesson plans to engage a variety of young learners in imaginative writing.


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ISBN: 978-0-915924-72-1 (Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978-0-915924-29-5 (ePub Edition)