Got Questions?

We’ve got answers!  Also, please email [email protected] for additional information.

How do I get a writing program?

Just call T&W workshops at 212-691-6590 or email [email protected]

Who are T&W Teaching Writers?

T&W writers are artists pursuing professional careers as demonstrated by publications or public staging/performance of their work. T&W has a roster of more than 25 writers, with expertise in a variety of writing genres and in working with a variety of youth populations and adults. T&W writers are experienced teaching artists who have previously taught in urban school settings.

Do you have a contract number with the NYC DOE?

Yes. T&W has a Student Support Services contract with NYC’s Department of Education; the number is QR151BH. Our vendor ID number is TEA002000.


How long are the residencies? How about each workshop?

The lengths of residencies vary. An average residency is 10 days (usually one day per week over 10 weeks). The longest residencies span the whole school year. We recommend a minimum of a 10-day residency for the production of an anthology. Each student workshop is typically a single class period in length, while professional development workshops are usually two to three hours. Writing workshops for groups outside of schools are usually 90 minutes to 2 hours.

What comprises a typical residency day?

In a typical four-class residency day, a T&W writer works with four different groups of students, or with two classes for double periods. Schools may also elect two-, three-, or five-class residencies. During most sessions, the writer leads students in reading and discussing a literary text. Following the discussion, the writer assigns a writing prompt that asks students to use literary elements and techniques from the reading in their own writing. This approach promotes student motivation for and skills in both reading and writing. At the end of the session, students share their work with the class. The content of the day’s exercise is planned in advance with classroom teachers, who actively participate in the residencies by doing their own writing and working with the T&W writer to facilitate students’ writing time.

What student populations do you work with

T&W can work with students of any age from kindergarten through high school, as well as with adults. T&W also works with children, teens, and adults with a variety of special learning needs (special education, English language learners, etc.).

What does a program cost?

Costs vary depending on the length and location of residencies and usually range from $425 to $800 per day. Contact us directly at 212-691-6590 or [email protected] and let us design a program for you that fits in your budget.