Writing Workshops

T&W Writing Programs

T&W partners with New York City schools and community-based organizations to offer dynamic creative writing programs led by professional writers. Our programs inspire the imagination and foster self-expression, communication, and a life-long love of literature.

T&W’s programs are centered around our core values of creativity, practice, collaboration, and diversity. These programs:

  • Inspire imagination, foster critical thinking, and nurture development of student voices.
  • Are informed by the creative process and practical experience of writers.
  • Are created from the ideas, planning, and best practices of writers, partners, and 50 years of T&W experience.
  • Engage and support all students through multi-modal strategies and use of diverse texts.

T&W can customize a writing program for students and adults, both in and out of school settings, and also provides professional development workshops for educators.

During a T&W writing program, students come to think of themselves as writers. Most T&W workshops begin with students reading and discussing the work of contemporary and classic writers. Through these activities, students learn literary elements and techniques that they are then asked to use in their own creative writing—guided by a writing prompt assigned by the T&W writer. At the end of most T&W programs, students work with the writer to revise their work, which T&W publishes in an anthology and culminates at a celebrating event.

Who We Serve

  • Teachers and school administrators
  • CBO program administrators
  • K-12 Students
  • At-risk (dropout prevention)
  • Gifted and talented
  • English language learners
  • Special needs
  • Seniors
  • Any group that wants to write creatively!

What We Teach

  • Poetry, fiction, playwriting and screenwriting
  • Literary and personal essays
  • Memoir and journal writing
  • Content-area writing (e.g. social studies, history, STEM)
  • Expository writing (e.g. persuasive essays, argumentative essays)
  • College Access for All (middle school initiative)
  • College Application Essay Writing (high school initiative)
  • Journalism
  • Custom writing workshops to fit your community’s particular needs!

T&W's Impact

  • Many students think that writing means reorganizing facts and textbook content into essay format.  T&W programming lets students know that writing can be an opportunity for personal expression. During our programs writers:
    *Invite students to explore their imaginations.
    *Teach students that they have stories to tell and an audience that wants to listen.  
    *Show students that writing can be playful, and that they don’t always have to follow “rules” or be concerned with an outcome or grade.
  • T&W programs benefit students’ social and emotional growth because young authors are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings in writing.  Because every student is different, our writers can often reach a child who hasn’t been engaged during the normal school day.  Many teachers see their students in a new light after a T&W program because of what they have learned from a student’s writing, or how they witnessed the student’s behavior in a more creative environment.
  • Literary art develops students’ ability to see multiple perspectives. Whether students are reading and analyzing a mentor text, writing a poem or historical narrative, or listening to their peers read original work, they are engaging in empathetic and imaginative processes that support their social and emotional development.
  • The elements of good writing cross genres. By giving students the chance to write imaginatively, T&W programs motivate children who may be reluctant writers in other contexts. Through their creative writing assignments, students build writing skills that are transferable to other work in school, as well as the work place.

Let T&W design a custom writing workshop for you.

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Teaching Writers

Biographies of teaching writers from our current roster.

Student Writing

At the end of a T&W residency, students celebrate the publication of the best of their writing. Read a selection of student writing.